Episode 4 – “The Bass Lesson”

Arlo reveals to Shayla that he can’t play bass and crashes one of Damien’s bass lessons to rectify the situation. Shayla discovers the mysterious diary of Fishtato Pie, a band that practiced in the same garage in the 70’s.


Pleased to announce that an episode of VKO will be screening at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival as part of its web series program! We’ve never been, but it sounds right up our alley. The fest runs May 2-10 and the web series program will be on Wednesday, May 7th from 6-8 pm at Wing-It Productions. Click here for more details and tickets!

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Episode 3 – “Wallaroo Congress”

Posters for a competing show ignite a feud between Venomous Koala Orgy and their rival band, Wallaroo Congress. When Damien opts out of the carnage, Shayla and Arlo grow suspicious. Vimeo and YouTube links below! Don’t forget to check out the slanderous hardcore track “Wallaroo Congress” on Bandcamp when you’re finished.


Episode 2 – “I Love My Dad”

Shayla writes a song featuring positive lyrics about her father but Damien refuses to sing them, igniting a gamble for lyrical rights. Meanwhile, Arlo becomes entangled with Ralph, the eccentric owner of the band’s practice space. Watch using YouTube or Vimeo below and when you’re done, download the titular song from this episode!


The Venomous Koala Orgy has been unleashed. Consider this page “under construction” for now, but check back for updates and info about the show.