About the Show

The Show:

Venomous Koala Orgy is an episodic comedy series about a garage band struggling to play music in a small city. Episodes revolve around the adventures shared by band members Shayla, Arlo, and Damien, as well as their tenuous social and musical relationships with one another and the outside world.

VKO is shot and produced in Bellingham, Washington.

The Cast & Crew:

SeanSean Meyer (Damien): Since uttering the line “Wow! Look what Santa brought me!” in a QC Stereo commercial at age 7, Sean was certain he would have a promising future in annoying people with his finely crafted attention-whore-mongering dosed with a belligerent false modesty. His suspicions were confirmed by the entire crew after his first take when he demanded to know where the food was and when he was getting paid. Very little attitude reconstruction has taken place in the 25 years since, spent mostly performing in dozens of goofy bands (and a handful of decent ones), making videos for Trailer Wars, stomping around theater stages, and most recently mugging for the comedy web series, Venomous Koala Orgy. He relates to the disgruntled Damien of the series as it is an opportunity to play himself with a backwards baseball hat.

GillianGillian Myers (Shayla): Gillian is from a small town in the mountains of North Carolina. In high school, she discovered her love for movies and began to make silly videos with her friends. Gillian attended art school at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and the California Institute of the Arts. She was trained in traditional and non-traditional art forms, and found she was most interested in video, performance, and installation art. Since her schooling, Gillian has moved on to work in many different aspects of production for theater and film, including costume design, set design, stage management, and acting. She continues to occasionally make silly videos with her friends.

NoelNoel Abbott (Arlo): Noel Abbott hails from the Pacific Northwest, though he spent his early childhood in Utah where he was excommunicated from the Mormon Church. Noel studied creative writing at Pomona College outside Los Angeles, and soon after graduating in 2008 he was also excommunicated from the Church of Scientology. Since then, he has been residing in Bellingham and working as a freelance web developer. He and several friends founded HappyChap Media (a non-denominational “digital media cooperative”) in 2010. As the sitting president of this organization, his primary responsibility is making sure that everyone has a full beer in front of them.

The Music:

All episodes of VKO feature an original song. Shuffle over to Venomous Koala Orgy’s Bandcamp page to stream music, download songs and read lyrics.

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