Season 1 / Episode 3 – “Wallaroo Congress”: Posters for a competing show ignite a feud between Venomous Koala Orgy and their rival band, Wallaroo Congress. When Damien opts out of the carnage, Shayla and Arlo grow suspicious. Episode song: “Wallaroo Congress“.

Season 1 / Episode 2 – “I Love My Dad”: Shayla writes a song featuring positive lyrics about her father but Damien refuses to sing them, igniting a gamble for lyrical rights. Arlo becomes entangled with Ralph, the eccentric owner of the band’s practice space. Episode song: “I Love My Dad“.

Season 1 / Episode 1 – “The Marmoset Case”: When Arlo arrives late to practice with a bass guitar case that doesn’t belong to him, Venomous Koala Orgy attempts to discover its rightful owner. Episode song: “Wait! (Don’t Drop That Lint)

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